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UltraBan : A human sized humanoid Robot

Dernière mise à jour : 26 févr. 2020

Ultraban is our next generation of humanoid robot, a human-size humanoid robot of 140cm. Ultraban is still under construction, here is the design of crucial part, the leg:

The design of this robot made us to change our rerductor/actuator technologies for :

- harmonic drives for the leg in this first version

- hypocycloid drives for the upper part of the body, in order to reduce inertia and also to make the mechanics inversible.

Ultraban is provided with force/torque sensors in the hankles.

We conducted many concrete experiments concerning the control of joints at first, torque sensors, clutch mechanisms also, targeting mainly the robustness of the system, from the point of view of mechanics, but also from the point of view of control.

Here are experiments on torque sensors to be implemented in joints:

One of our main goals is to push the level of robustness of humanoid motion. In particular, we aim to design a stable locomotion even on rough terrain.

The UltraBan project is mainly supported by IdEx SysNum program from Bordeaux University.

Our goal is to carry on experiments, in particular on locomotion, of robustness of motion.
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