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RoboCup 2020 in Bordeaux !

Dernière mise à jour : 26 févr. 2020

The 23th edition of the RoboCup will take place in Bordeaux in 2020 from 23/06 to 29/06 ! Please have a look here. It will welcome thouthands of robots coming from all around the world (about 50 countries). To be held at "Parc Exposition de Bordeaux".

It is organized by Bordeaux University, supported at first by the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Bordeaux Metropole and the french ministry of education.

We are proud to welcome this edition, which, on top of the competition, will be rich of numerous events, including:

  • Naia@RoboCup, forum about AI in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, organized by the Sud-Ouest Group, Suez and Bordeaux University.

  • Farming@RoboCup which will show the state of the art in term of agricultural robotics.

  • JNRH, the workshop of the Humanoid Robotics french community supported by the GDR Robotics (CNRS).

  •, the workshop of the ROS users french community.

  • Persévérons@RoboCup: the final congress of the Persévérons EFRAN project which explore the use of numeric technologies and in particular robotics in the framework of education.

  • The EDUCAMP which will propose to visitor and children an initiation to robotics and AI, organized by the Rectorat de Bordeaux.

RoboCup 2020 will include also numerous talk about ethics, industry and also the place of women in robotics and AI.

A particular thanks to Côte Ouest agency, who accompanies Bordeaux University in this adventure !

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